request for split screen full screen

I’d like to be able to split my full screen view horizontally. The top would be a scanned PDF and the bottom would be the standard scrivener screen. This would be for transcription.

Full Screen mode will remain a simple single-column of editable text for the foreseeable future; this is just a design decision. It is not meant to provide the kind of workspace that the main project window does, and is instead meant to eschew as much of that as possible, to provide a clean and distraction-free writing environment.

However, in the future there will be a route by which you could use FS to transcribe off of a PDF. We’ll be adding the ability to view documents (including PDFs) in tear-off windows, which can be set to float above the full screen interface. Thus in conjunction with the options to move the text column around on the screen, you could arrange to have both open at once.

what’s the ETA on that feature?

It will be a part of the next major upgrade (not a minor point release). We don’t have any even remote speculation on when that will be public. Sorry I cannot be any less vague than that.

Another thing I should mention: there already is kind of a way of doing this. It’s the reason we leave the background not fully opaque, as a default setting, to cue you in on the possibility of using your desktop, behind the writing area. If you slide your mouse to the bottom so the control strip comes up, try setting the paper position to the left or right, then using the background dimmer on the right to adjust the transparency of the background. In this fashion you can have the PDF oriented on the opposing side, and write on the other with the slim interface. Of course the main drawback is that you can’t scroll the or interact with the stuff below the full screen background, so you have to toggle briefly to do that. So I’m not sure how well that would work for you in this particular case, but it might be a handy trick for other things you do.