Request: Format > Paragraph > HTML Header Level > Block Quote

For those who don’t know about this, Copy as Markdown in Scrivener can be more useful if we add the corresponding attribute to headers, hidden in Format > Paragraph > HTML Header Level.

To illustrate a use case: whenever I type one, two, or three hashtags and press space, a Keyboard Maestro macro is triggered to add a Scrivener style. Having found out about this, the macro now also adds the corresponding header level (H1, H2, or H3) so that, whenever I copy the text as Markdown, I will get the proper markup for the titles in the document as well.



Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet


# Title

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

With this in mind, I wonder if @KB would also consider adding Block Quote and Code Block to this menu section to get the proper markup for these elements when copying as Markdown. It would certainly make my life easier and diminish the need to compile so frequently.