Request: H Split screen & Doc Export Selection & more

First let me say that this app is awesome. But you all knew that didn’t you ? :slight_smile:

A few things I’d love to see in Scrivener in the upcoming updates:

  1. A quick button that can be added to the toolbar for Vertical Split window. This is one of the main features that I love about the program. Instead of having multiple MS Word docs open, I can have two side by side in Scriv, and work off one. Often I have an outline on the left, and the draft on the right. However, it is a bit cumbersome always having to find the menu item every time. There is a horizontal split screen button on the top right. My request: Please add a vertical one!

  2. Despite how much I live Scriv, I often have to submit files as Word Docs. This means I export documents. However, rarely do I have a full scrivener file that I want to export. My request: When I export to DOCX, please allow me to choose (checkbox?) the specific pages I want to export from a list! Or a specific folder of documents (I.e. If I have a FINALVERSION folder in my scrivener document

A few others…

  1. Instant selection of font color and background color. Currently, click on the font color or background color icon on the menu bar invokes a spring loaded action to open up the window. However, it does take a while and I would much prefer it to be instant. This is a bit of an annoyance when I am quickly highlighting sections of my document and want to switch colors. My request: Make the click instantly open up the color options and remove the ‘spring loaded’ delay which imo is not necessary.

  2. Not sure if it’s mentioned, but one thing I had to say that I do miss from using MS Word, is the spelling, and thesaurus features. Perhaps Scriv could consider upping these features.

All in all, awesome product and please do keep up the great work!!!

Thank you for using Scrivener.

In answer to your questions:

  1. Hold down the Option key while clicking on the split icon to change from a horizontal to a vertical split. Once you do this, vertical will become the default; Option-click again to change back to horizontal.

  2. This is what the Compile function is for. Compile is discussed in more detail in Step 17 of the interactive tutorial, and Chapter 24 of the manual. It’s quite a powerful feature.

  3. The behavior of the font and highlight color tabs is intentional: simply clicking on the icon will set the selected text to the color displayed on the icon, while clicking and holding will show the color picker menus. The idea being that this is faster for people who use the same color most of the time, only slightly slower for people like yourself, and avoids cluttering the menu with separate highlight and color selection icons. Note that the most common highlight colors are also available from the Format -> Highlight submenu as well.

  4. Duly noted; thank you for your feedback.