Request help recovering after a scrivener 3 crash

Today when I tried to close scrivener, it crashed. Yesterday, I added two documents and greatly modified a third. When I opened my project, the third item contained none of my changes, and there was no sign of the two added documents. I did not make a backup yesterday, and I have stopped typing cmd-s after learning that documents are automatically saved after inactivity (20" in my case).

Is it possible that my new documents and the greatly edited document can be found?

It’s very important that I post this reply.
FIRST: Scrivener, when it crashed, appears to have preserved ALL of my work. Nothing was lost.
SECOND: After the crash, I accidentally opened an earlier version of my project , which is why several days worth of work appeared to be missing.

My normal work procedures ensure that I cannot make this kind of mistake.I hope to adhere to them in the future.