REQUEST: Parsing .fountain documents into separate scene documents in Scrivener

Hi, Keith,

I was wondering if there were any plans to extend Scrivener’s .fountain import function?

In the Fountain syntax, an equal sign ("=") would denote a synopsis—that is, a block of text that describes a section or scene. This synopsis would not appear in the formatted output.

Wouldn’t it be great if one were to open a .fountain document in Scrivener, and Scrivener would automatically break up the document into scenes according to headings (INT., EXT., etc …) with the “=” scene summaries written onto the note card?

I think this would be one cool trick, as one can theoretically write on ANY platform that creates a plain text document (I’m thinking writing on an Alphasmart), convert the document to .fountain file on a desktop PC/Mac, then open the .fountain doc in Scrivener … with the document already divided into little scenes, and summaries written to note cards.

I hope you consider this feature in the future. Much thanks to your consideration and all your hard work.

There are two different ways of importing files: one imports the whole file as it sounds like you are doing. The other tries to split the document according to some internal structure—whether that be separators you define, or for stuff like .fdx and .fountain files, by scenes. The command is File/Import/Import and Split….

If that isn’t working right now, it should be. We do certainly intend for what you are describing to be possible.

Sweet. The ability to transform a text document into a structured Scrivener file—complete with filled-out note cards—would blow my mind. To read that you guys are working on it made my week. Thanks for the reply, Ioa!


Unless I’m mistaken, Ioa’s point was that you should be able to do it now in 1.9.7.

See the manual 10.1.5 and 15.3.3, and then try the File/Import/Import and Split feature.