Request: Put on Menu Bar

I REALLY like Scapple. Would it be possible to put an icon on the menubar that would allow you to see a list of favorite and recent files. Frequently in the midst of something else I want to use Scapple to make notes. This would make it really easy to open a Scapple document without having to hunt through the file structure.

A request I made a while ago (I can understand if this is difficult or not feasible): Have a way to hide much of the text in long documents – either the scroll bar in Mac documents, or something like the window shade in InDesign Text boxes.

It would also be nice, though not essential, to be able to colore individuals bits of text of a note.

Thanks for an incredible product. It seems the essence of what Apple always aimed for: Absolutely simplicity and clarity of function while doing something really useful.

There should already be a recent list in the File menu. As for favourites, there isn’t a standard way of dealing with those at the application level, because the operating system already provides a decently useful system for marking favourite files. Dropping aliases on the desktop is one way, or keeping them in a folder and putting that folder in the Finder’s blue sidebar. That’s good if you have a project approach. You can keep your current working projects in the sidebar to easily access all of your present-tense files with a few clicks from anywhere on the OS.

A product you may want to consider is Default Folder:

This one app saves me a lot of time. It does many things, but one of those is you can set up application-specific default folders it goes to when you use the Open command.

Scapple files are very lean and mean (i.e. small). I’ve created a Scapple-dedicated folder within Dropbox (easy sync between machines). Set up Default Folder to auto-open that Scapple folder when I press command-O. And all my scapples are there in one place, ordered however I want (last modified at top, alphabetically by name, etc.).

Obviously this isn’t exactly what you wanted, but it’s a very nice solution and you can rinse-and-repeat for other favorite programs.


If you use a launch app, such as Alfred (, you can get to scapple even quicker than mousing up to the menu bar…
For example for me it is control-space-sc-enter

Ha, not so fast for me. With Alfred it’s command-space-sca-enter. Scrivener (naturally) takes the honor of getting “sc” only, then enter!

I have the same problem with LaunchBar. “sc…” what? Oh no!

If your setup in Alfred uses right-arrow to expose other actions for the found object, you can also see the recent documents list from within Alfred. First, you search for sca and then use your right arrow key to see other options. After a couple of uses, the “recent documents” option will float to the top of the list.


Nice tip. That works a charm!