Request to add missing features to the Windows version which are present in the MacOs Version

I would start by saying that if only I knew Scrivener is loaded with some great features for Mac users only I would have managed to buy a Mac. :laughing: P.S: I have recently bought this Windows machine and I was absolutely unaware that Scrivener was initially built for MacOs and hence a better version for it. I did my research though but I could never get to this Forum section and also about the differences between two versions of the same software for two OS.

It’s a humble request to the Scrivener Development team to please upgrade the Windows version also so that it’s users can get a similar pleasant experience while using the software as both the versions are paid software.


In fact, an upgrade to the Windows version to bring about parity with the Mac version is in advanced beta. The beta discussion forum is here, and I think has information on downloading the beta version if you’re interested:

If you just bought the machine, you might be able to return it for very little loss. You can often find refurbished Macs that came from similar changes of mind, and are usually just as good as unboxed.

Otherwise, yes, the beta is what you’re looking for. It might yet still be a little rough in some areas, particularly compile for some workflows, but it will give you a much better idea of where the software is going.

And in case you’re wondering, this will be a free upgrade for you, so you don’t have to worry about getting “locked in” or anything.

Thanks for sharing the information. I hope it is possible to download and replace my current Windows version with the new beta version, will check that up.

I really would have done that but it’s not that possible for me as of now as I got this tab imported from a different country. Actually it’s a Microsoft Tab (which comes with Windows of course haha) and my sole purpose to buy it was a light-weight tablet feasible for me to carry around for writing purpose moreover MacBook Air was going above my budget. Maybe a good MacBook some other time. Thanks for your suggestion anyway. :slight_smile:

Some advice, for the next time you’re evaluating software: I’ve found the most accurate way to understand what’s included and not included is to review the manual.

Be sure to note any questions you have or issues you encounter in the beta forum. Best of luck, I think you’ll enjoy it. :slight_smile: