Request to export diagram to svg


One thing I’d really like is the ability to export a diagram to svg format. I can’t seem to find a way to convert any of the export options.



I am not sure can do that, though a png file is an option. The other problem is the whole file is exported, though the diagram could be saved into a new scapple file for solo export. I have use screen capture (or a program like snag it or the thousands of others) to get an image and use another program to convert it to svg. I do not know what program, use photoshop elements but does not have the save option.

Thanks for your reply.

I just remembered that I did manage to get it into svg format by conversion, but the letters were all formed of individual elements and it was impossible to work with.

I was hoping to add a popup to notes for web use.

trying saving as a png, that works well on a lot of web sites, I love how png holds up on scapple. Photoshop elements will export as a png file.
could always google/bing/Chatgpt it

Some form of vector output other than PDF would indeed be nice, because PDF is only somewhat good for this (it works, but the result is very messy and hard to edit). That said, it is a vector output, and if that’s what you want it is already there. If you take a look at the Scapple user manual and zoom in on most of the illustrations you will find they are vector. I made those by creating sample boards in Scapple and then exporting them as PDF. I then opened them up in a vector tool (the free Inkscape, which is a native SVG editor) to touch them up.

At any rate, SVG export is something I have sitting around in the pie-in-the-sky enhancement list for some day, but it probably won’t be looked at for some time, if indeed it does ever come to fruition. We’ve got too much in the way before that point, like the mobile version of Scapple.