Request: Toolbar button/icon for external folder sync

Hi, I’m a long-time Scrivener user and today I decided to set up an iOS workflow. I’m really happy with the results of using the Sync With External Folder feature combined with Dropbox and Nebulous Notes; it works like a champ.

However, I do have a small request: would it be possible to get a Sync button for the toolbar? I’d like to be able to periodically tap such a button to upload my latest work to Dropbox, more out of peace of mind than anything else (I realize that Scivener automatically does it when the app is closed).

It would be faster than having to go to File->Sync->with External Folder Now.

Another idea is just to give that menu entry a keyboard shortcut so that it can be done quickly.

Anyway, thanks again for the app and thanks for the external sync function; it’s exactly what I was looking for.

Both of these are already possible. If you right-click the main toolbar and choose “Customize Toolbar…” (or select it from the View menu), you can add the “Sync” icon to the menu. Creating a keyboard shortcut can be done via System Preferences, following these steps.


I looked through the icon list twice before posting and didn’t see the Sync button. I have absolutely no idea how I missed it both times, but I found it after reading your post.

Thanks for the tip, I’m glad this is already supported.