Many scrivener users are writing in french.

It would be very very very welcome to have an automatic formating concerning typographic rules about ponctuation in french.

Libre office has it, word also, it should’nt be very difficult to implement and would be nice for the french speaking people.

I recently purchased a scrivener license, but I almost didn’t due to this issue. I’m sure it must be a reason not to by it for many people.
Amicalement votre.


Par exemple SVP ?



Et bien il suffit que tu ouvres Libre-office en Français; Quand tu tapes un texte, les ponctuations “à la française”, se font automatiquement, Espace avant les signes doubles, espaces insecables quand nécessaire, " remplacé par « et par ». le tout de manière transparente pour le rédacteur. Et quand on reviens dessus, avec des corrections, cela reste en place sans rajouts parasites.


Et dans Word c’est pareil.


If you download and install the French dictionary and select that as the default in Scrivener, does that make a difference at all?

Nope does not fix the thing. Thanx anyway