Requested: OneDrive Cloud support

I would love the ability to access my Scrivener files through the OneDrive cloud. Currently, I can save files to my OneDrive folder, and they’re synced to the web, but I’d also like the ability to have it behave the way Word does: You can save to your local OneDrive folder OR you can access your file directly from the cloud.

The latter is an improvement because then when I’m at work, I can access my Scrivener project during lunch, for instance, make changes and save back without ever creating a local copy.

Of course, I’d certainly want the same in the iOS app.

Scrivener and OneDrive could be a perfect marriage!

One issue is that a Scrivener project is not just one file, it’s potentially hundreds. Thus, the amount of traffic that would need to flow back and forth to the cloud would be much larger, as would the amount of disruption that could be caused by a dropped connection.

The second issue is that editing things in the cloud is fundamentally different from editing them on your local system, because the software does have to account for disrupted connections. Microsoft owns both Word and OneDrive, and has vastly more resources than Literature & Latte does.

(This topic has come up before, in relation to real-time collaboration. You might review threads on Google Docs for more complete discussion of some of the issues.)


For background, see … c-services Note the cautionary note re OneDrive.

For now, DropBox is probably the easiest safest bet and the first that Scrivener is apparently going to directly interface with when the new iOS version (and corresponding Mac and Windows updates) come out.

DropBox… 2GB max for free, 1TB for $99/year.

Jury Duty - Which are you asking for, #1 or #2?

1- Write at home on Scrivener installed on Home PC, save writing to cloud. Go to work. Write at work using Scrivener installed on Work PC, save writing to cloud.

2- Write at home on Scrivener installed on Home PC, save writing to cloud. Go to work. Write at work using Scrivener Online, save writing to cloud. Scrivener is not installed on Work PC.

#1 you can already do, if you are careful. See the link Springfield provided.
#2 would require Lit & Latte to develop a new version of Scrivener, that works similar to Word Online. Software in the cloud. Seems unlikely.