Requesting an option to add a space after and before Guillemets (this thing -> « »)


There’s something bugging me since I use Scrivener, it’s the usage of the French quotation marks, what we call here the “Guillemets”.
Now it’s a good thing to be able to replace automatically " by « / » but in French it’s required to have them spaced around a word, like this : « something » , instead of this «something».

Is it possible to be able to check in the options to add automatically a space after the opening one («) and before the closing one (») ?

It would be great.

In the meantime, you can get the effect you want with character substitution. Go to File/Options/Corrections/Corrections and click the “Edit Substitutions…” button. Then click the “+” button in the lower left. When entering characters in the “Replace” and “With” fields, you can replace the left Guillemet with left-Guillemet-space, and the right Guillemet with space-right-Guillemet. If your keyboard does not have the Guillemet characters, hold down the Alt key and press 174 on the numeric keypad for the left Guillemet and Alt-175 for the right Guillemet.

Hey I haven’t thought of that, it works, thank you !

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