Rescuing book in old scrivener after crash!

-My Mac crashed and apple genius saved my book thank god–but now I need to buy new Scriv version–and my book is on a 5+ yr old version–which should I buy? Will it be compatible or mess up my book? Don’t know what version it is other than very old!

PS Wish Scriv had LIVE CHAT (I would totally pay extra for this! puleese guys!) Until then- THANKS in advance for help!

I’ll do a Zoom with you, if you like.

Facebook messenger

If you are having to get a new version of Scrivener, b/c you are getting a new Mac, then definitely you should get the latest version of Scrivener. If you had been using Scrivener version 2.x, then the latest version 3 will convert it to the new project format no problem. I am less clear on whether there are challenges to converting from a version 1.x Scrivener, but definitely you can get help here iif there are any hurdles.