rescuing offscreen scrivener windows

I don’t know if I’m just dumb or this is a Scrivener problem, but in maximize mode, I can’t reach the bottom of the window in order to reduce the size of the window.

This is in Windows 7, if that matters.

I have problems reaching things at the very bottom of the window when it is in maximize mode.

If it’s a scrivener problem (and not just me being dumb) I thought the developers might want to know about it, but I’m not sure if it qualifies as a ‘bug’ - more like something they might want to consider including (a more responsive window resize ability)

I realized I didn’t mean to say “maximized”, but I do not know the correct term for when the window is active but not full-screen.

The window has no problems when maximized. What I can’t do is resize the window in the middle status (window visible but not full screen), because the bottom of the window is off the screen and I can’t reach the resize handle.

I clicked on the “known bugs” tab under the help bar, and got a server error message. When I clicked on “report bug” it brought me here. Hope I am in the right place.

This bug has been known since way back – the very first beta release, I believe.

They narrowed the problem down to the default length of the inspector being longer than many screens allow for. I guess fixing it hasn’t gotten to the top of the list yet. :frowning:

Possibly most people write in the full screen mode. Anyway, there’s a work around: just turn off the Inspector. 8)


I just discovered this bug as well. A little more info can be found here:

But, as BethCutter says, if you turn off the Inspector in regular view mode (as opposed to full-screen), the window will size vertically–once you figure a way to grab the bottom of it, that is. But as soon as you turn the inspector back on, it goes back to its previous length.