Research -> Compile

How do I move my scrivener folders, which are currently under the research section, to be under the Draft section?
Otherwise I can’t include them and their contents in my compile. I’d just retype them but there are many, many…
Thanks, John

Just select them and drag and drop them to the location you would like them to appear. If they don’t land quite where you meant, you can hold down the Ctrl-Cmd keys together and then tap the arrow keys to move items around stepwise. Left and Right is for indent, Up and Down is for changing their order in the Binder.

I’ll try that again, but when I did, they just returned to their original locations.
Nope, can’t drag a folder(s) from under Research to under Draft. Puzzling.
I know what you’re thinking. I even do PC phone support, so I know, but really, it ain’t working. Damn.
Thank you.

Do your folders contain non-text files? Images, PDFs, and lots of other kinds of files can be added to your research folder (or anywhere but the Draft folder, for that matter), but cannot be placed in the Draft.

Yes, jpgs. So does that mean I need first strip the folders of non-text files before I can move them to the Draft section?

Basically, yes, strip.

If you want to retain the original form/content of the folders, you can duplicate the folders, strip the non-text material from the duplicates and drag the stripped duplicates into the manuscript/draft area.

If you want images in the manuscript/draft area, they need to be inside, or linked to from inside, text files.

O.K. Great info. Thank you.