Research doc in multiple projects

Sorry if this has been asked, I couldn’t find it.
Is it possible -and how- to use a set of pdfs (grouped in one folder, for example) in multiple projects? (or do I have to import them in every one of them?)

If you want the PDFs to appear in the binder, you’ll need to import them to each project. You can however store the files in some external folder and use references to link to the files from each project. The references could be in your Project References list or in any document’s Document Reference list. If it helped as a visual, you could make a placeholder document in the binder and then just make the text of that (or a doc reference of that) the reference to the external file.

By placing the external link in either Document or Project References, you can choose to open the file in either of Scrivener’s editors, with Finder (so whatever your .pdf default program is), or with Quick Look, if you’re using Snow Leopard. (Right click on the file in the reference pane to get these options.)

To create the link within the document text, use Edit>Add Link… and choose “file” then type the file path or drag the document from the Finder into the text field. To add the link to the Reference pane, just drag the document from the Finder into the pane, or use the + dropdown to “Look Up & Add External Reference…” or just “Create External Reference” and type the file path if you know it.

You’ve been of great help. Very clear.
Thanks a lot. :slight_smile: