Research documents portrait/landscape

Hi all,

I have a few documents in research. There’s one I need in landscape but when I change it, all my other documents change to landscape and I want to keep them in portrait.

Any ideas? Thanks very much.

More information needed; what format is the document? DOCX? PDF?

  1. If it’s from Numbers/Excel/etc., print to PDF and try importing that.

  2. If it’s PDF and still rotates, try linking to it, rather than importing it, and open it in another app.

All my Research folder contain are documents of topics and links to material in a dedicated folder on my hard disk or to the web. I access documents, pictures, diagrams, spreadsheets, presentations, information and videos this way.
The topical documents are then referenced in either Project Bookmarks or Document Bookmark, dependant on the extent to which they apply.
Since I don’t sync between machines, this works for me and it keeps my projects reasonably small (5 to 8 MB in size for a 100,000 word script), since there’s nothing to bloat the content and I don’t have to contend with formatting considerations.

Can you share exactly what you are changing? Specific menu option and:or screenshot would help.