Research files, Markdown and Export


I started a large project in scrivener with loads of research material from websites and doc-files. Writing in Markdown (not MultiMD) I had the problem that the copied material from the research did not keep the line breaks in the draft when exporting MarkDown->RTF. (While, of course, not writing MD and exporting to RTF oder .doc was no problem). Any help so that I can still use MD without entering the line breaks by hand?

Thanks in advance,

If I’m following you correctly, you’ve copied and pasted some non-MD text into an MD stream of text without adding a line of space in between each paragraph, and are thus ending up with a big blob of text? If so, try experimenting with the whitespace to plain-text conversion tool in the Transformations compile option pane. You can convert pseudo-space to carriage returns while compiling. But because that requires pseudo-space to even work in the first place, and most publication does not use paragraph spacing but indentation, you’re going to have to fix the formatting—and since you’ll be doing that, you might as well just fix the root problem and space them out. You can select the range of text that needs to be fixed, and use the standard Cmd-F find tool to search for a carriage return (Opt-Return to insert one into a field) and replace it with two, setting the scope to selection only

Thanks a lot for this workaround. You understood perfect: I tried pasting a lot of research material coming from www sources or word docs into my draft that I started to write in MD. The pasted stuff looks after export like a “big blob” (thanks for this phrase - I am not a native speaker and have not heard this very illustrating phrase before). Will try this, but I think I will clear up the mess by hand. Or quit MD when having to much research material …