Research folder sync with Mac directory

Is there a way to sync an entire directory in the Finder with the Research folder in Scrivener? I see File -> Import -> Research Files as Aliases …, but this only applies to individual files. I would like Scrivener to see new files as they are added to a folder. I have a folder of figures that I am using to write my thesis in Scrivener, but I also need these same figures for presentations and posters, etc., hence the desire to sync with this folder.

Thank you!

There is no way to mirror the contents of a folder into the Binder. The best approach will probably be to drop the folder into a Bookmark so that you can double-click on it there to load the folder in Finder.

There are numerous problems with the concept of mirroring the file system in the binder—the main one being a bit of an umbrella problem in that the binder isn’t a file manager and doesn’t use the same organisation and storage fundamentals that your disk does. You can change the order of items at will, use duplicate names, use no names at all, add text to folders, nest PDF files inside of other PDF files, add metadata that doesn’t exist in Finder, etc.

Do note you can alias many things at once though. That dialogue lets you select many files at once. So if the main issue is you were thinking you’d have to do each file one by one, that’s not a problem

Thanks! Actually the bookmarks feature is pretty useful. Having this in the application itself would be the most convenient, but I understand the problems associated with it.