research folder

How can add a another research folder to my scrivener project? I’d like to have more than one. thank you!

Bless you! We need more of your kind round here!

Yes! Just add a folder in the normal way, and drag it with your mouse / trackpad to the far left so it sits flush against the left margin (at the same level as me and my good friends the draft folder and waste bin)!

It won’t be immortal like I am, but it’ll behave in the same way in all other ways! You can even change the name and icon to whatever you like

Yay! I’m getting a little brother!

Yes. But can you change the name of an existing icon. I.e., could you change the Blue Flag to “Needs Work” or the Green Flag to “Show to Dave” Things like that. Or do you have to create your own new icons?

You could use Labels instead for this. Different colors wit different meanings, and the choose View - Use Label Color in - Binder

I do this to keep track of which parts are done and which are not, as Status can’t be shown in the Binder, as far as I’ve understood.

Yeah, that’s the problem. Since status can’t shown in the binder, there are two ways to signify items in the binder; labels and icons. I should probably just make my own icons, but it’d be easier if I could re-name the ones there. That’s all. Maybe it’s a suggestion for the future.



tch! tch! :unamused: Scriv’s goin’ t’ the dogs on a handcart!! Thanks for the laugh! Happy New Year!