Research PDF "Blowup" Glitch?

i just went into my research files to look at a couple of PDFs that i imported weeks ago. when i first brought them into scrivener, they looked great. now they’re massively blown up, so much so that when i clicked on them i thought they’d disappeared, just saw a massively magnified piece of white margin. used the sliders to verify that the documents were still there, but am wondering if there’s a way i can “size to fit,” and if there’s some reason why they seemed to blow up on their own.


This was something that happened in the last updates - I’m not quite sure why. The last update changed the way that the scale was saved (it’s now saved in the project itself rather than in the preferences file), so I think that when you first open a PDF file after that update, it doesn’t quite know how to scale itself. This has been reported by several users, but strangely, I never encountered it.

To fix it, just go to View > PDF Display and click on Size To Fit or Actual Size, then you can rescale as you wish.


Just thought I’d add that I’m having the same problem and here’s a delightful screenshot to support it.

Not quite sure what this adds given that I’ve already confirmed and explained the issue. :question:

All the best,

thanks for the fix. and for the illustrative screen shot. all better now.