Research Proposal Template - bad link

Hopefully this is one of the templates that ships with Scrivener and not one I’ve downloaded from elsewhere (I couldn’t locate a list).

In the Style Guidelines section, the last link, which should go to info about APA is incorrect.

It says this: … rce/560/1/

When you go to Edit | Link, the web prefix is turned on, so it’s actually trying to go to: … rce/560/1/ (which apparently resolves to, which in turn gets redirected to homeimprovement which appears to be owned by the same company).

Also, might want to give some thought to putting friendlier text on those links, or giving them a heading or something so you know which one goes to what style guide.

Yes, I’ve encountered this myself when creating links. If I use the Edit > Link dialog, with the Web button selected, and paste in a URL that begins with https (i.e., a secure Website), I end up with a link that goes to this home improvement site because the https that begins the URL gets http:// prefixed to it.

What I’ve found that works with https URLs is to select the button that says “No prefix.” That will create a link that starts with https, and goes to the intended site.

Thanks, I’ll take a look at these.