RESET Button for documents .... here's what I mean...

HERES WHAT I’M DOING…Have made a template scrivener file for my articles.
Have note cards with prompts for each document, giving me instructions on some things to include.
so… i like the documents (10-15 maybe) and I like the notecards.

I fill in the documents with the contents of my article (the document outline that is)
then i push it out into a ‘doc’ file.

HERE’S WHAT I WANT TO DO…once its ‘pushed out of scrivener’, i want to keep the documents and the notecards.
but i dont need the ‘content’ any more. all i want to do is hit a button and
have scrivener clear out or reset the outlines within the documents.

i could dump the file and bring in another cleared template, but that means i have to
start opening things up and closing things down.

by 'resetting" i can bring up the template file, write, reset, write, reset, write…
when i’m in the zone… i want to stay in the zone as long as I can stay there.

I don’t know that I completely understand what you want to do, or that using templates wouldn’t be the way to go. After all, are you really needing to reset so often that loading a fresh template is a problem?

My second suggestion would be to make use of snapshots–take the snapshots at the start of using the template, and then reload them when needed. Which isn’t too elegant a solution if you have too many documents going on.

Another thought would be to make your templates even more detailed so you don’t have to do any setup after initially starting it.

And finally: Set up your project template, then back it up somewhere safe as soon as you get it ready. Then once you’ve output a done project to whatever, delete the project folder from your hard drive, replace it with a copy of the backup, and start anew. Not as smooth as what you want, but means you don’t have 5000 versions of projects that you no longer need once you’re done.

(I don’t know if Scrivener has it built-in yet or not, but this would be essentially just a Restore From Backup in a more automated fashion than the manual method above).

Beyond that, I’m not sure it would ever be possible/desirable to have a massive “reset to template” button in Scrivener. Because that’s just too much power to put where I’d accidentally hit it. Erm. Anyways.

Just IMO.

Scrivener does have the option to create and save your own custom project templates, so you can just set up your initial project with the cards and prompts, empty of the project-specific content, then use File > Save As Template to make a project template. Then work on your project, compile it, etc. and when you’re ready for new content–which I’m assuming here means a new project–just go to File > New Project… and choose your custom template as the basis for your new project. Everything will be “reset” then and ready for you to start adding content.