Reset Formatter Presets?

Generally, I’m pretty happy with the Scrivener default formatter set.
However, I defined a set of Formatter Presets for a specific project,
and now they’re part of every project.

How can I:

  • have a different set of Formatter Presets for specific projects?
  • reset to the default Scrivener Formatter Preset for all new projects?

Or am I misusing Formatter Presets?


Hi Kevin,

Currently, formatting presets are used across all projects, so there’s no way to have specific presets for specific projects. This may change in the future, as it’s on the list of possibilities. If you want to reset your preset, select “Reveal Support Folder in Finder” from the “Scrivener” menu. This will open up a Finder window showing Scrivener’s support folder. Delete the “Styles.plist” file.

All the best,