Reset Scene Number with Each New Chapter?

When compiling, I’d like to reset the scene number with each new chapter. So, in the below, I’d like the first scene in Chapter Two to be numbers Scene 1. Possible?

Scene 1: Ruck Breaks in, Shoots Kimmy
Acton Ruck breaks into the home of a conspiracy nut, Delmer Holiday. While he’s searching for a file on Wilson Kingman, Kimmy Holiday (granddaughter) walks in on him. A booby trap blows two of Ruck’s fingers off, and staggering to the door, he shoots Kimmy in the head.
Scene 2: Life at Home
We see Eric, Viv, and Cosmina at home having happy life. Reader learns that Eric can read minds. Cosmina communicates with Eric via mind reading. SFPD Detective Stan arrives at the door and asks Eric to accompany him to the crimes scene.
Scene 3: Ride to Crime Scene
Stan Stanislowski (SFPD) arrives at Eric’s house and asks him to come to the Kimmy Holiday crime scene. We learn that Kimmy is critically injured but still alive. Also, she has a rare brain disease that makes her incapable of feeling fear.

Scene 4: Kimmy Crime Scene
Eric and Stan go over the evidence at the crime scene. Eric discovers that one of the crime scene techs hides some evidence.
Scene 5: Eric Meets Kimmy in Hospital
Eric and Craig review Kimmy’s case. Eric interviews her, since she can hear him. Eric and Craig discuss Viviana.