Reset to Default

I messed with the Scapple default notes styles, and would now like to go back to the defaults as first installed. But clicking File -> Options -> Reset to Defaults does not seem to have any effect.

Is there some other approach to accomplish this?


Uninstalling and reinstalling Scapple did the trick. I have the defaults back.

Okay, I have been experimenting with Scapple, and have a better idea know of what I am trying to accomplish.

What I would like to do is change the Default Note Style – the style that is used when new notes are created. I happen to have an existing note that contains exactly the styles I would like to set as the default style.

Since I already have an existing note to base the default style on, a simple way to accomplish this would be to go to Format -> Note Style -> Redefine Note Style -> Set As Default. But there is no Set As Default available, so it seems Scapple does not support this approach.

I can see a way to do it by building the style from scratch, by going File -> Options -> New Notes tab, and setting up the defaults from there. But the palatte colors available from this path are not the same as those available from the Inspector, so a lot of trial and error is necessary to try to match the existing note. Not worth the trouble.

Is there a way to set the Default Note Style from an existing note?