Reset to Defaults[BUG LOGGED]

On the Options menu, it warns you that you might not want to reset to Defaults, but doesn’t actually let you cancel the action. Also, in MS Word, clicking Default means that you want the settings just entered to BE the defaults. I thought I was telling it to save my changes, not telling it to discard them.

Hmm … I wonder if it’s that way because that’s the way it is on the Mac, and Scrivener started on the Mac. In Mac apps, “Default” generally means “Factory default” so clicking on that button does do away with your changes. It’s that way I believe so that if you screw things up while making changes, you can go back to the original configuration at the click of a button.

Doesn’t help you, I know, but I thought you might like to know.


Mark, you are correct. However, I take the point that there is no obvious way to cancel - except of course by clicking on the red ‘X’ to close-out the prompt - there should be a button to cancel. I’ll log it as a bug. Thank you.