Resetting counters

I can’t get counters to reset! I have each figure numbered in the following way:

Fig 4.<$n:figure>: Components of a Neuron

At the start of the chapter I attempt to reset, with:
<$rst_n:figure> (I have also tried <$rst_n>)

But each time I compile, what I get is:

Fig 4.33: Components of a Neuron

…and counting continues from there.

The reset placeholder is actually a tag unto itself, not a modifier that you attach to other tags. It is placed directly in front of the number stream you wish to reset. So:


Hi Amber,

But isn’t that what I’ve done? Here’s what the Help page has:

Place <$rst> immediately before any of the auto-numbering tags to restart the numbering. So, for instance, “<$w>, <$w>, <$w>, <$rst><$w>, <$w>” would become “one, two, three, one, two” in the compiled text. Alternatively, you can place <$rst_X> anywhere in the text, replacing the “X” with the letter used in the auto-numbering tag you wish to restart. E.g. <$rst_R> would restart the uppercase Roman numeral auto-numbering from that point onwards.

Should have tried it first, before replying! Yes, Amber, what you propose does work, with the <$rst> immediately in front of the first instance. But don’t the instructions that I copied into my previous message suggest that what I have been doing is valid too? - placing a labelled reset <$rst_n> somewhere in the text before the first instance, though not immediately in front of it.

I think what the problem might be is that this secondary one doesn’t work with streams. It looks like it resets basic counters, but not :fig/etc counters.

Okay, I had a look at this and it is indeed possible to reset a named stream from an arbitrary position in the compiled document. The format for doing so is <$rst_SOMETHING>, where SOMETHING is the keyword of the stream. Thus that would reset <$n:SOMETHING>.