Resize Binder Icons

When resizing the Binder font by using Files > Options > Appearance > Binder > Fonts, the Binder icons do not resize. They remain small. Is there any way to increase the icon size to be closer to the font size? Using Scrivener v3.1.4.1 on Windows 11.

I don’t think so.
I played quite a bit with icons, and couldn’t find a way.
Perhaps in a theme, but directly in the interface, I doubt it.

Checking out the Qt6 documentation, my gut feeling said it was possible.
I couldn’t find it, you have to get the CSS exactly right. It’s a game of trial and error.
When I was about to give up, I got a result:


In a Theme, add the following lines in the QSS Stylesheet:

SCRBinder QAbstractItemView {
   qproperty-iconSize: 24px;

and your Binder icons will become 24px instead of 16. 32px seemed too large for me. :slight_smile:

Note that without the SCRBinder control, this code has effect on all TreeView Items, so also in the Outliner and in the Keyboard setting TreeViews. The SCRBinder code makes it more specific, so only the Binder icons become larger.

Hope this helps

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Thank! I will try different sizes to see what works best.

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