Resize "cards"

Sorry, if this question is still answered. My English isn´t so well and if you use other terms I use, it´s a little bit difficult for me …

How could I - if I could - resize the “cards” (notes?)? Thank you for helping.

Click the button in the lower right corner of the corkboard. It opens a popup that allows you to resize the index cards.

see the attached Screengrab

way at the bottom on the right you will see 4 tiny squares. click in there and the little box called CORKBOARD OPTIONS shown will open up
Hope that helps

Thank you both for your help, I did´nt see the four ones ;- )

The problem is solved.

I was interested in this question, never seeing this boxes myself I looked and saw that I haven’t got these four boxes , how do you get them? :cry:
Grandad 7

If you are in the corkboard-view, seeing your cards on the top, you will see the little button on the bottom on the right side …

If you’re not seeing it in the corkboard view, make sure you have the editor footer turned on: View > Layout > Show Footer View.

Uhmm… In my corkboard view the 4 little boxes are on the bottom right
(see attachment)
perhaps it is due to preferences?

Oh yes, :unamused: another senior moment caught me up then, I followed instructions given and hey! there they are :blush:
Thank You