Resize Synopsis, General, Document notes?

Okay, I don’t think you should be able to resize General, but Synopsis and Document Notes surely. I was a bit surprised to see I couldn’t grab the borders of these panes and drag them to make them bigger or smaller.

Sometimes the faces of my cards (the “Synopsis”) get pretty long and while in screenplay mode I’d like to read the entire card face on the right while writing my scene on the left. I can’t really do that if I can’t drag down the Synopsis pane bottom edge.

There are limitations on how controls can be resized in a vertical space. You can hide the General pane to give more space for the notes (and hide the synopsis, too); the synopsis is always 5x3 (the synopsis area is not intended for long notes).

You can resize the whole inspector, which will increase the synopsis’s height and width, proportionally, and will increase the notes width. You can’t do that with the mouse if you’re working in full-screen mode with the inspector auto-hiding, but with it set to always visible, you can make the inspector pretty big…