Resize The Project Targets Window

Hi Keith,

This is a small niggle, but something I’d love to see in a future release if it’s possible/easy to do.

I love to write with the project targets window open all the time so I can congratulate myself minute-to-minute on how well I’m doing :smiley: .

However, for what is just statistics, the window is quite large and overlaps the editing window, unless I shrink the editing window, but I like that to take up the majority of the screen since that’s where I’m actually working (as opposed to congratulating myself :smiley: )


p.s. if you can also introduce an internal Scrivener notification system (as opposed to Mac OS notifications) similar to Growl that displays banners across the screen and plays funky custom tunes when you hit your session/project target, that would be SUPER AWESOME!!!

The project targets window cannot be made any smaller (at least not by much), so resizing it wouldn’t achieve what you want.

But in Scrivener 3, why do you want the targets panel open at all? The progress bars are also shown in the Quick Search field in the toolbar.

All the best,

As in, the status bars have to be that long, the text so large and the Reset and Options… buttons so large? You can’t resize it so everything in the box just gets smaller? Hmm… shame… maybe I need to buy a bigger Macbook then. I’ll have words with the other half about that :smiley: !

In Scrivener 3, you can see a general idea of progress by the bars in the Quick Search toolbar, but you have to mouse over it to see progress in number of words (which is what I’m really focussed on). Also, you can’t see this in composition mode, can you?

Thx, Keith!

The text is already using the “small” font size, and it has to allow space for large numbers and localisation factors. So yes, it’s already as small as it can reasonably be.

No, you can’t, as composition mode is supposed to be “distraction free”. :slight_smile:

:smiley: Ha ha … maybe I should just get on with the writing and stop staring at the Project Targets window! Or, buy a bigger Macbook!