Resized images revert on compile

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I saw elsewhere on the forum that images are resized automatically on compile but this isn’t the case. They’re always too big for the RTF export. When I resize them in Scrivener they revert to original size on compiling to RTF. Is there any way to have them resize for the medium being compiled for?



What were the DPI settings of the original files? I find most sizing oddness is caused by print resolution DPI settings. If I import the same graphic into the same document, and set one of them to be a fifth of the size of the other, then compile as RTF, when opening the RTF in a word processor one file remains a fifth of the size of the other.

They’re 793x370 screen slices from SnapshotProX. They resize OK in Scrivener but come out original in RTF

But what is the DPI of them? If they are 793x370 @ 300 DPI, that is different from 793x370 @ 72 DPI. You can check this in Tools/Show Inspector.

ah! DPI is 72 pixels per inch

Should be fine then; what are you using to read the RTFs?

Word for Mac 2011 v14.1.4. All the resized images are back to the original size and off the edge of the Word page.

Are you viewing your text in Scrivener in page view or regular view? If in page view, then Scrivener automatically sizes the images to fit the width of the page, otherwise a bug in the Cocoa text system causes pages beyond the image not to be shown. However, this auto-fitting to page width is just a temporary viewing feature while in page view mode. When you double click on an image and change the size in page view mode, you will note that the sliders don’t seem to operate beyond the bounds of the page. You can see the real scale of the image by switching out of page view mode into regular mode. Or, in page view mode, scale the image down until it is definitely smaller than the width of the page, then only scale it up a tiny bit until it touches the edges of the pages, careful not to move the slider any further.

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thanks Keith. Resizing the images while in page view and then compiling while in page view works and the images are resized in the RTF. After that, compiling in the other view also works. Many thanks!