Resizing binder-linked PDF images (S3)

How do I set the output size of a PDF image linked from the binder?

For ‘normal’ images, I can double-click and adjust accordingly, linked images use [w/h] attributes, but for binder-linked images, I can’t see a way of adjusting them …

Thanks lots.

(Loving S3 - great job!)

Does this help?

Not really - I’m trying to get a portable way to include graphics at a defined size.

So, having seen the ‘import to binder and drag from there to the document; creating a back referenced bookmark as it goes’ method - I thought that would work.

I drag a graphic into the binder. Then from the binder, I drag to the document - and there I have the image. I also have a bookmark against the image in the binder so I can jump straight to the associated text. That’s absolutely great - love it!

However, I end up with an inline graphic without the ability to adjust width/height.

If I use a conventional link, I can specify the width and height attributes when specifying the local (unreliable) file location, but I can’t find any way to set these attributes after dragging from the binder. In which case, while gaining portability and bookmarking by using the binder approach, I sacrifice the ability to change the size of the graphic. Hence my question.

Isn’t the answer that PDF images can’t be resized inside Scrivener (so use a different image format)?

Perhaps I have misunderstood.

Actually - sorted a kind of work around…

For reference, I’ve dragged a PDF into a binder folder “Diagrams” and then renamed so they mean something in the context of the text itself.

Then I cheat: I drag the image into the main text, I get the back-reference (bookmark) and I get a copy of the image. Then I set a style to “TempImage” - this gives me a local representation of the image, along with the bookmark. On the next line, I add:

<$img:NameFromBinder;w=240> and this both inserts and scales the PDF (albeit via rendering a bitmap) during compile.

The final part of the cheat being that I tell Scrivener to ignore the TempImage style on compile. Now I get to see an image while editing, have a bookmarked reference, and get some control over the print size. I just have to make sure that I keep my tag in the right place when editing.