resizing bugs

There have been two bugs that have been really bugging me as I work, and I’m wondering if this is my quirky situation or a general problem. I’ve reported it several times, but nothing has changed.

  1. When I have my cursor on the scroll-bar at the binder, or on the actual footnote/inspector area, if I move it at all the resizing goes into effect, even when the resizing icon is not present. The simple arrow cursor will resize, rather than do what it is supposed to do (whether that is scrolling or otherwise).
  2. As I’m working, my footnotes begin to exceed the area supplied for the footnotes themselves, making me unable to read the end of each line of my footnotes. I continue to resize the footnote area to expand it, but as it expands I lose area for writing.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

WRT #1 only, I just tested this (on a Windows 7 desktop), and I couldn’t reproduce it. Have you noticed similar problems in other programs where the mouse acts as if it were being clicked and held when it’s not? Or any other unusual mouse-related actions? If it just started to happen, have you tried restarting the computer? If something has gone hinky in the computer’s memory (not uncommon), a restart would clear it up.