Resizing Graphics Problem

I am having a problem that force quitting Scrivener will likely get me out of. But, I am not sure what else can be done,I am not sure how it came to this, and I am not sure how to proceed to do what I am trying to do.

I am now taking some of my outlines in Scrivener and putting then in Curio. Curio is a whole other topic. All I am doing here is using Curios mind mapping capabilities to quickly create a visual reference from my written outline in Scrivener. To that end, I can copy the mind map from Curio in various formats, I like PNG.

I tried copying the document into Acorn, my image editor, to erase the white background in the PNG and save it as a graphics file. When I drop this mind map image into my Scrivener document, the image is about a third wider than it needs to be to show on my page fully.

When I use my contextual menu in Scrivener, there is an option to resize the graphic. When I do this, nothing happens. Except that, now, anywhere I click in Scrivener, I get an error sound and no action can be done anywhere in scrivener. I hit control Z to back out of this. This does go back to before the graphic was dragged into Scrivener. But, the error chime returns for any other actions in Scrivener. That is why, I have to force quit now. There is nothing else to do as Scrivener is complexly unresponsive. Scrivener is not frozen but it may as well be. Every click of the mouse anywhere yields an error tone and no actin can be taken.

I didn’t want to spend a great deal of time on this as I have to get back to my writing. But it appears that I do not completely understand everything about how to drop or paste images into a scrivener file yet.

Any tips on this would be appreciated.


PS: I am adding a screen shot to show that the quit menu is now grayed out. I have to force quit.

ADDED: After restarting Scrivener, Scrivener added the message that it had to rebuild all the document’s search indexes. This only took a few seconds. Then Scrivener opened with the new graphic sized and proportioned to the visible screen. This is good. This is what I thought it would have done in the first place. Also, double clicking on the graphic now gives me a popup menu to resize the graphic. This also works as it should. But again, I am not sure what I did that got Scrivener frozen so I had to force quit and then restart Scrivener to get to this point? The last time I used the contextual menu to resize the graphic. This time I double clicked on the graphic and I got the correct resizing sliders. And, I was thinking this new graphic really should have appeared in Scrivener at least within visible bounds in the first place.
Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 9.02.53 AM.jpg

What version of Scrivener do you have, and with which version of Mac OS? if you can repeat this behavior, it’s possible you’ve discovered a bug.

As a general rule, we recommend creating the image size you want outside of Scrivener, in an image editor. Scrivener’s “resize” sliders change the scaling – the display size – but do not change the number of pixels. This means that an imported 15 megapixel image will still bloat your project by the same amount, even if you scale it down to thumbnail size.


Using Scrivener 3.1.2 (10882), High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G6030)

Yes, it is repeatable. I have a screen shot image which is:

Kind: PNG image
File size: 63,705 bytes (66 KB on disk)
Dimensions: 553 × 883
Pixel Height: 883
Pixel Width: 553

I drag and drop the image onto a Scrivener page that also contains some text. Below the text, I drop the graphic.

When I first reported this, the graphic was too large to fit the page. This no longer occurres but the rest of the problem of having to force quit Scrivener, persists.

If you option click on the image that is now in Scrivener, you will get a contextual menu with the option to “Scale Image”.

This is the part where my explanation gets tricky … please follow carefully.

If you select the “Scale Image” menu choice and you have not previously double clicked on the image to bring up the slider adjustment window, then nothing will happen. Worse, now you have a greyed out quit menu and everything your cursor touches in Scrivener will give an error beep. Your only option at this point is to force quit Scrivener.

When you relaunch Scrivener, you will see a menu that Scrivener is now rebuilding all of its search indexes. This doesn’t take very long but after these force quit situations, it always seems to occur.

On the other hand, if you start out by first double clicking on the image, you will get pop up slider bars to adjust the image. Once you close that adjustment window, and you now select the image and contextually click on it and use the “Scale Image” selection, it will work perfectly - as it should. That is, once you have double clicked the image and opened the adjustment window, Scrivener seems to understand that this can also be done from then on by using the contextual menu to “Scale Image”.

All in all the conclusion is that, so long as I can remember to double click to edit an image and NOT TO USE the contextual “Scale Image” menu option, I won’t see this behavior in Scrivener. Actually I do tend to use contextual menus quite a bit in most apps that I use so this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Workable if troublesome.

Could you submit a bug report via our support system, please?


It is done.