Resizing Multiple Images Simultaneously?

I have been using Liquidtext on my iPad to take notes from various documents. Some of of these notes – extracts from scanned books – are formatted as images. When i came to use these images, I find that they are all too small for me to read without resizing them. I know how to resize one image, but I cannot seem to resize more than one at once (part of the problem may be that there is other text between these images). Is there anyway to resize all the images at once? Going through one by one is taking forever.


That isn’t possible, and I’m not really sure how that would work in theory, within the constraints of a text editor. What would be fairly standard procedure is to get the images properly sized before importing them into a text editor. Tools like GraphicConverter and Photoshop can churn through hundreds of images and get them converted or sized the way you need for on-screen use in a text editor. I suppose even Automator+Preview might work in a pinch.