resizing photos within Scrivener?

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I’m new here, and I did a quick search to see if this topic has been posted before but didn’t find anything. If this has been covered before, let me know.

I am just starting out with Scrivener and am importing photos from iPhoto (I’m dragging and dropping directly from iPhoto since I didn’t see an option to import photos from Scrivener’s ‘import’ function). The photos appear in Scrivener as ‘full size’, which is quite large. Is there a way to ‘zoom out’ on Scrivener to see the entire photo in the window? I see how to zoom in and out with PDFs but not with photos. Do I have to resize the photo elsewhere and then import it to Scrivener?


Just right- or control-click on the image for a popup menu that includes image scaling.


I think dafu is talking about images within text, where the ctrl-click menu has a scaling option. But whether the image is in text or just imported as a big image file, you can just double-click on it to bring up a tool panel that allows resizing.

As for importing image files, just go to File > Import > Files… That allows you to import any files supported by Scrivener.

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