Resizing Tables

I have a document imported from Word which has a number of tables in. Many of the columns are not the ideal width. How do I adjust them as I don’t seem able to.

Also can tables be centred on the page?

You can resize columns and rows by hovering over the dividing line between them with the mouse. The cursor should change to a double-sided arrow, when it does so, just click and drag to resize the cells.

Centring doesn’t work really well, I’m not sure of a reliable way of doing so, but someone else may have more experience with coercing them. Generally I don’t recommend using Scrivener’s tables for trying to make them look as they should when the project is done. Just get the data into them and positioned in the text flow where they should be, then worry about touching them up in Word later after you’re done with the Scrivener phase of the project.

I can resize individual columns, but as i get one column the correct width and move to widening other columns, this then shrinks the one I just resized. I don’t seem to be able to drag out all the columns to the width I want without it then undoing the resizing of previous columns.

If you work from left to right it works better, at least for me, as it seems most resize actions will prefer to push thing around to the right in order to make space for them. I’m not sure how it should get around the base problem of columns not resizing themselves in any scenario though, when the requested width takes up more space than is allowed by the sum of the current widths and the maximum width of the table. That space has to go somewhere.

I copy and paste a lot of tables one-by-one from Nisus Writer Pro into Scrivener. I get best results if I set Scrivener’s editor window to be very wide. The original tables are left-justified, but I don’t know if that matters. Once in Scrivener, the resulting tables are usually quite readable, though some rows have different widths and the columns do not line up. Simple tables (no merged cells) seem to do better, with the out-of width row usually at the top or bottom. For publication, I keep the originals of the tables as Document references.