Resizing the index card in the Inspector

The index card in the Inspector, where you write your synopsis that will appear on the Corkboard: is it possible to resize this?

The font is miniscule, and the card is about 1.5" x 2". Can’t I get it any bigger?

Any changes I make in Corkboard Tools only affect the index cards ‘pinned’ to the Corkboard itself.


Hi Ros,

The ratio for the index card in the inspector is fixed (necessary for fitting all the various elements into that section of the window), but if you widen the inspector by dragging the separator between it and the editor, the card will enlarge. You can adjust the font size under Tools>Options… in the Appearance tab; it’ll be the option under Fonts>Corkboard>Index Title and Index Text. That will affect the appearance on both the corkboard and in the inspector. If it’s too large for the corkboard, you can click the icon in the right of the corkboard footer and choose “Use small font”, but at the moment there’s not an option to customize the size for that so you’ll just have to see whether it works for you or not. That’s an option that will be added to the Options menu so you can set the font and size for “small font” and have a little more versatility there.

That looks much better. Thanks for replying so promptly - and clearly! even I could follow! :smiley: