Resizing The Inspector in Full Screen

Hi, I just bought Scrivener for Windows, and I absolutely love it.
Thanks for all your hard work.

I have three feature requests.

  1. In Full Screen when you turn on “The Inspector” and resize its window, and then exit Full Screen and then return to Full Screen and start up the Inspector again, you need to resize its window all over again.
    Is it possible to have Scrivener remember how you last resized the Inspector, just as it can remember the preferred paper width, paper position, and background fade?

  2. I would like the option to add multiple Document Notes to each Text in much the same way as you can add multiple Project Notes. Perhaps Document Notes and Project Notes could be given different buttons in the Inspector’s Footer bar to make it easier to swap between them.
    This has already been requested and answered to satisfaction here:
    But can you please tell me when this feature will be added?

  3. I dislike using the dropdown menu to cycle through the different sections of Project Notes, and to swap between Project Notes and Document Notes. I much prefer the tabs in “Manage Project Notes…” If the dropdown menu was changed to tabs, it would be quicker and easier to cycle through your notes and also to delete unwanted notes.

Thanks for your time and your wonderful program,


This morning I was using Full Screen + the Inspector, and thinking to myself how handy it would be if James’ #1 request were implemented!