Resizing window on Mac and resetting page width in editor

Feel like I’m missing something really obvious here, but when I drag the window corner to resize the window, it doesn’t change the page width in the editor. Rather, this then goes negative (can see this on the ruler), and the left margin is now somewhere in the middle of the newly dragged larger window.

Using previous versions, this wasn’t an issue, and after looking through the forums and the manual I just can’t see what I’m missing.

Can some one please let me know how to adjust the editor width to be the width of the window as I drag it to different sizes as I move it around screens please

The fixed-width editor is probably active: it restricts the writing panel form stretching out too far across a screen.

The second image on the link below shows where (in Scrivener’s preferences) to toggle the setting off and on or to adjust the fixed width.

Scrivener > Preferences > Appearance > Main Editor > Use fixed-width editor /&/ Default editor width. … 55#p267455

Alternatively, you might be in page view /wrap, where Scrivener shows a virtual page as set in either page settings or compile settings.

This can be toggled off and on at View > Text Editing > Show/Hide Page View or use CMD OPT SHIFT P from the keyboard,