Resizing Work Area and the Progress Bar

Let me first say that the NaNoWriMo Trial performs beautifully, before getting into the goofy little thing that’s happened.

Trying to do something else entirely, I wound up resizing my work area. (I was trying to click on a word that I was going to replace—bad, I know, the inner editor should be locked in a cell eating saltwater taffy) when something remarkably silly happened.

The progress bar teleported.
Or, more accurately, it reverted into the pretty shiny fatty!progress bar from several betas ago, appeared at the top of the editor area, and vanished as soon as I stopped resizing the work area. In addition, its data wasn’t right. I’d surpassed my goal for the document, but the phantom!bar reported 91% progress. It also changed numbers as the size of the work area changed—shrinking when the area was shrunk, increasing when the area got bigger. I fiddled with the bar a while longer, and as I did the thing kept at it, blinking in and out like a monitor with a bad refresh rate.

It only happens as you actively resize the work area.
Since the project in which this happened is a clone of an old one, I created a new one with the express purpose of recreating the bug. (Off-topic: The new look is beautiful; on topic, yes, this reproduces that weird effect.)

While this doesn’t seem to affect performance, actually watching that blinking as it occurs—the bar is neon and in the old ‘big-fat-bar’ style, drawing the eye to it—is a bit painful

This isn’t your document word count progress bar; it’s a loading progress bar for the text in the editor. When you resize the editor, Scrivener has to redraw everything and so especially for longer documents you can get the loading bar flashing across the top of the editor.

The bug where the bar would stay there should be cleared up now–if it wasn’t for the NaNo trial, then it is in later betas. I’m losing mental track of what was fixed when, but this is in there somewhere. Seeing it just flash on resize, though, is just going to happen sometimes. So long as it’s not sticking there after you’ve set the size, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Aah, okay then, I was wondering!

Can’t help but wonder, though, shouldn’t there be consistent styles of progress bar throughout? What I’m saying is, the bar looks like the old progress bars, and not like the new ones—was this intended?

Sorry to say, it’s still there on v49…
Progress bar.jpg

I notice your shot is in a Scrivenings session–that’s another related bug specific to Scrivenings which Lee has identified and is working on now, but no, that wasn’t fixed for 049–I think it broke in 049. Scrivenings aren’t loading properly and you’ll sometimes see the text be longer than the allotted document space in the session, if that makes sense, so that it ends up scrolling under the dividing line. A number of users have reported this and Lee and I have both replicated it, but like I said, he’s got that one pretty much figured out and just needs to implement rewritten code. But as part of the issue, the documents can get stuck constantly redrawing and thus with the progress bar on that specific document.