Resolution issue on Dell XPS 13 laptop

Hi there,

Great progress on the BETA!

I’ve encountered a resolution/scaling issue on the latest version of Windows 10 (Pro) - Dell XPS 13 defaults to 1920x1080 /150% scaling. When compiling a document, I’m unable to click the ‘Compile’ button because it disappears off the bottom of the screen (see attached screenshot).

I’ve noticed an even worse issue here. If you try to resize the dialogue from above the title bar, the whole dialogue disappears off the bottom of the screen. When this happens, the application becomes unresponsive to input and the only way to recover is to terminate the application in task manager.

You should check the Beta Testing forum; that’s where these should have been posted.


Apologies (first post). I’ll move them.

The answer might be in this thread: