[Resolve] Add keyboard shortcuts for styles

Hello !
Is it possible to assign keyboard shortcuts to text styles?
Thank’s for your help

By ‘styles’, do you mean the Preset Formats in the Format > Formatting menu?

If you do, then the answer is that you can assign a keyboard shortcut to any of them using the Mac’s standard shortcut system.

Open System Preferences (the one for the computer itself, not for Scrivener) and go to the Keyboard section, then choose the Shortcuts tab.

In the left hand column choose App Shortcuts, and press the + button. In the dialogue box, choose ‘Scrivener’ as the application. Then type in the name of the preset you want to use – e.g. Heading. NB this must be EXACTLY the same as it appears on the menu. Then click in the Keyboard Shortcut field and enter your preferred shortcut – e.g. just press ctrl, alt, shift and H together and the field will represent your choice. Press Add.

Go back to Scrivener, open the Format > Formatting > Apply Preset menu and you should see Heading now has your shortcut next to it.

Thank’s a lot, I have a keyboard shortcuts for my personal styles !

One more thing : how can I rename my personal styles ?

There isn’t a direct rename preset function as far as I know, so the way to rename the styles is simply:

a) apply the old personal style to a section of text

b) select that section and then Format > Formatting > New Preset From Selection, giving it the new name

c) That means you’ll have two presets given the same the format (with the old name and the new name), so delete the old name using Format > Formatting > Delete Preset

d) Go to System Preferences, delete the shortcut for the old name and create a shortcut for the new one.

It’s easier and quicker to do than to describe!

OK… thank’s !