[Resolved] Auto-numbering and exportation

Hello !
It’s my first post in this forum and I am french, so sorry for my bad english !
Here is may question : I have insert serveral auto-numbering in my documents : (C0<$position>-<$n>).
When I export my book in Word format, this variable aren’t calculated ! I still have (C0<$position>-<$n>) !
Why ?
Thank’s for your help !

How are you exporting? Auto-numbering is only calculated for Compile, not for single file exports.
All the best,

Auto-numbering is only for Compile !? What a pity !
My publisher wants separate files in MS Word format, and with Compile it’s not possible!
I’m in a dead end!
Is there a solution to have auto-numbering calculated and separate files ?

No, the whole point of auto-numbering is for Compile. Scrivener is pretty much built around Compile. You can, however, use Compile to only export individual files, but you would have to do it one at a time.
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I use this variable : (<$title>-0<$n>) and I have change the name of my files.
Then I compile each file individually.
It’s OK !