RESOLVED - Binder organization changes aren't syncing (in otherwise working sync)

RESOLVED – the lesson is to make sure you are running Scrivener for Mac 2.8

I have a project in ~/Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener

I’ve made changes to the text of a document and added new documents on Scrivener for iOS, run a sync, and opened the file on the Mac, and the changes and the new documents are both visible. So sync seems to be working as expected overall.

However, (with Scrivener for Mac closed and all files up-to-date in Dropbox) if I reorganize the Binder by moving a document on Scrivener for iOS, then sync and exit Scrivener for iOS, then open the same project on Scrivener for Mac, the document that I moved is in its old location in the Binder. i.e. the move hasn’t been synced to the Mac.

Likewise, if I move the document in the Binder on Scrivener for Mac, wait for Dropbox on the Mac to upload, sync on iOS, and open the project on Scrivener for iOS, the document is still where I moved it on iOS, not at the new location I had moved it to on the Mac.

Furthermore…I added a new document on the Mac below the existing document that I tried to move. The new document appeared under the existing document on both devices, i.e. in one location on Scrivener for iOS and in another on Scrivener for Mac .

I realize that there are good reasons for keeping the binder views separate on the two platforms, but surely this isn’t intended behavior to have the binder organization separate, right?

(RESOLVED - see below) - I’m not only missing binder changes now, I’m also missing text changes.

After further testing, I had an incident where I changed the content and Binder location of a file on my iPhone, synced the iPhone, waited a minute until the changes had propagated via Dropbox to the Mac (MacBook Air), and opened Scrivener for Mac. The changes both to file content and Binder location don’t appear on the Mac. I exited Scrivener for Mac and looked at the package contents. I was able to find the changed file in project/Mobile/Data/long hex string/Content.rtf . So it looks like the mobile version recorded my changes but they didn’t get sync’ed.

I then opened the project on my iPad, waited for sync; now the changes I made on the iPhone are there. I then ran a sync, then exited Scrivener for iOS on the iPad. I looked at Dropbox on the Mac and the only changed file is binder.mob . I opened the file on Scrivener for Mac and the changes are still not there, i.e. everything looks at it did before making the change on the iPhone above.

I then opened the project (after making sure Dropbox was up to date) on my second Mac (iMac). After a brief window with some fast moving text including “checking for orphaned files” or language to that effect, the project opened and the changes were visible as expected. I exited Scrivener for Mac on the iMac.

I then went back to the laptop and realized that I was running Scrivener 2.7 . I upgraded to 2.8 and opened the project. All the changes were there as expected. I made some changes to text and binder, exited, waited for Dropbox to upload changes, opened on the iPad and found the most recent changes there as expected.

I then made some changes to content and Binder on the iPad and sync’ed. Got the brief window (which I hadn’t got before) and all the changes were as expected.

Conclusion: I should have updated to 2.8 before trying all this!

Glad you got it sorted! Yes, we tried to get word out to as many people as possible that you need 2.8 to work with the iOS version, but obviously it’s impossible to reach everybody. The iOS version actually “checks out” copies of the files as it works on them inside the .scriv package. This way, if you accidentally edit the file on two devices, it can keep all changes and prevent sync from just overwriting the newest. But prior to 2.8, Scrivener didn’t know about this “check out” feature so couldn’t find and incorporate checked-out iOS files - that’s something that was added to 2.8 in order to work with iOS.

All the best,

Yeah, I knew I needed 2.8, I just forgot that I hadn’t updated the laptop :unamused: