RESOLVED: OneDrive inserts itself into my save path

Mistake 1
The above path is a OneDrive path. OneDrive hasn’t inserted itself into the path, the technology doesn’t work that way. Users choose a path. You chose that path. You’ve stored your work in the Desktop folder of OneDrive.

Mistake 2
Scrivener projects folders are never called “my project title.scriv-Scrivener” (the -Scrivener portion is wrong). The Project Folders are WhateverName.SCRIV — I’ll concede you may be reading the full path from within Scrivener, as there it shows the -Scrivener. In such a case, the rename suggestion for your project folder is unnecessary.

You should have a normal Documents folder on your hard drive. All Window users do. Simply open File Explorer (Win+E) and click on Documents, but NOT the one in OneDrive.
In the Documents folder. Create a new folder. Rename the new folder Scrivener. Access the Scrivener folder by clicking into it. Now create a folder called Projects.
Keep File Explorer open and leave the Projects folder location in focus.
Start a new File Explorer using Win+E again. The second session opens.
Grab the Title Bar of the first File Explorer session and drag it to the vertical left centre of your screen. File Explorer takes up half the left side of your screen. It should still have Documents\Scrivener\Projects in focus.
Grab the Title Bar of the second File Explorer session and drag it to the vertical right centre of your screen.
The second File Explorer takes up the other half of your screen. You now have two File Explorer sessions open each taking up 50% of your display.
In the second File Explorer screen, navigate to OneDrive\Desktop. Select the folder “my project title.scriv-Scrivener”. Select Crtl+C to copy the folder.
Click into the first File Explorer session, still in the Documents\Scrivener\Projects folder. Select Ctrl+V.
It pastes your project folder. Rename your project folder to “my project title.SCRIV”.
Double click on “my project title.SCRIV”. It opens the folder in which you’ll have a file with the same name as the project folder, but the extension will be .SCRIVX. Double click on the file and your project will open.
The next time you launch Scrivener from the Taskbar or Start menu, it will open the version on your hard disk.
If all is fine, delete the OneDrive version. You can empty your Recycle Bin later.
OneDrive will NEVER insert itself, as I’ve said before. It may “offer” to backup your desktop. The answer is simply NO, not Maybe Later or whatever else it wants to coerce you into choosing.
With your project in the right place, go about setting up a backup regime.