(Resolved)Please Help Scrivener Crashes and I Cannot Open...


in advance, thank you for your help.

I was importing a pdf file in mountain lion when the program froze.

now when i restart, it is opening “report an error window,” and “Rebuilding Search Indexes” window for a “recovered file” and freezes at that. I cannot do anything other than force quit.

I tried reinstalling the program but it doesn’t help.

Needless to say, it is a big project that I am working on with lots of writing completed. I hope it won’t corrupt the file.

Thank you,


This is what I’ve done:

  • opened the file package - right click on file, select view package contents
  • found the file that I imported that caused the crash
  • removed it from the package
  • relaunched Scrivener.

Everything works now.


Would it be possible to send the problematic PDF file to us at mac.support AT literatureandlatte.com? I’d like to test the cause I’d this. It may be that the PDF file is crashing Apple’s PDF Kit for some reason, in which case it would be beyond our control, but I wouldn’t like to assume that without seeing it for myself.


All the best,

This same thing is happening to me, except I was not importing or using PDFs in my file. I was trying to change a column width in a table and the program froze. Had to force quit and now won’t open. No file will open in Scrivener. Same scenario, but no PDFs for me. Help!

Okay, other smaller files will open. The dissertation though, the one with the issue, won’t work. I tried deleting the file I was working on when the crash happened, but that did nothing. Still not working when I try to open the dissertation.