[RESOLVED] Project Targets and Front Matter

It looks like Project Targets don’t count up words written in the Front Matter section. Is there a way to make it do so? I’ve got my Introduction in the Front Matter section and would like the writing I do in the introduction to count toward my goals.


You would need to put your introduction in the Draft. The front matter folder is intended for front matter that needs to be different in different formats (e-book, printed book and so on) - it’s not somewhere you would generally put an introduction unless the introduction was going to be different depending on the export format.

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Got it, thanks. I had put the Intro in the Front Matter because I thought that was the best way to make sure the Intro didn’t get a title prefix (“Chapter X:”) added to it. But now I see that I can selectively determine which documents are excluded from getting title prefixes/suffixes without having to put it in the Front Matter.